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About company

Company BELAM the decision of your problems with communication

     Company BELAM, Inc.— the largest distributor of concern NORTEL Networks in Russia and unique — in the Baltics. The head office of firm is to the USA, the European branches — in Moscow, St.-Petersburg, Kiev, Petrozavodsk, in Riga (BELAM-RIGA), Kaunas, Daugavpils and Лиепае.

          Products and decisions

      Company Belam, Inc is official distributor Nortel Networks in Russia. Production and strategy Nortel Networks covers all types and kinds of the telecommunication and network equipment. We offer any telecommunication equipment of company Nortel Networks.

          Technical consultations

      Nortel Networks and Belam, Inc. Invite the experts serving office telephone exchanges Meridian 1, in the Center of technical consultations in Moscow. The center has the technical laboratory equipped by stations Meridian 1 — Option 81C, Option 51C and 3 Option 11, and also educational classes. Consultations are spent certificated in Nortel by instructors — as in English, and in Russian. Consultations it is spent under programs and standards Nortel and include both the theory, and work in laboratory. Operating hardware-software means Nortel allow to model the situations as much as possible approached to real in practical employment. Upon termination of Consultation the standard Certificate Nortel Networks stands out, entitling to serve the corresponding equipment. At carrying out of Consultations the translator is in English given.

          Technical support
     Duly maintenance service of ÒþÓѪñÑ¡þÑ߬«-industrial automatic telephone exchanges by our experts — a guarantee of non-failure operation of your equipment Experts of company BELAM will arrive on your object to in advance agreed periods and during convenient time for qualified diagnostics and adjustment of the equipment according to technology requirements of the manufacturer. In due time revealed deviations from normal work will help to save essentially your means, to avoid the subsequent expensive repair and damage from equipment downtime. We shall provide quality of works, we shall prevent breaks of communication at your office. For you we offer the program of COMPLEX SERVICE